Book Cover Designs

DNA_DoubleTakeWhen should you invest in a high quality book cover design ? Every single time. Think of it this way – your book’s cover is an invitation to look inside. It should spark a degree of interest in the content, front and back. Ideally, the front side captures the attention of the reader and the back side provides just enough detail of the contents to stimulate a purchase. You DO want folks to purchase your book, right ? Well, there are millions upon millions of books – traditional and electronic – all vying for attention on Amazon, Google, GoodReads and a gazillion other sites.

If possible, avoid the generic “cover creator” apps available from online publishers. Why, you ask ? Because your creation will look quite “generic”…translation = amateurish. if you’re going to present yourself as a professional (even if you’re not), you need to BE professional. Perception is reality.

Rascal Publishing designed several versions of this cover in Photoshop, starting with the background image. From there, the title and text were tested and moved around using various easy-to-read fonts until satisfactory results were realized. The result is a pleasing invitation to look inside.

Contact Rascal Publishing for design ideas on YOUR next publication. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Now get back to writing your next best seller !


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