Why Use ACX ?

Someone recently asked me,  “Why bother to make an audio-book?” The answer is fairly simple – to reach a larger audience by leveraging Rascal Publishing’s growing presence in the world of Amazon and all its affiliates. ACX is a part of Audible.com, and Audible is owned by Amazon. It is one of those tools that every author should consider, but how does it work ? Think of it as a large circle – writing, publishing, marketing. ACX expands your circle, and your market.

Amazon_Preview_CoverYou sign up on their web site, follow the prompts, and put your work “out there” for auditions. The author is in charge along the way – you can set the parameters for shared royalties OR just pay someone outright to produce the audio-book at your direction and keep the royalties for yourself.

Rascal Publishing is pleased to announce that our first book, Inlaws and Outlaws – The DNA Mystery of a Music Icon’s Son, is going into production on ACX to become an audio book. After many auditions were passed over, we kept coming back to one professional voice-over narrator – Thomas Stone (link). His tone and tenor combined with a slight southern drawl mimic that of the author, and he is excited to be a part of this project. Welcome to the “Rascal Nation”, Tom !

We’ll release more info once production is complete – stay tuned !

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