From Inlaws and Outlaws – The DNA Mystery Of A Music Icon’s Son

Camille R. – “Very much enjoyed the story of your journey. Even more enjoyable after following you on Facebook. Well done, my friend.”

Rick R. – “In full disclosure, I went to high school with John Bates, the author of this extraordinary work. At that time, I either forgot John was adopted or it didn’t matter much. However, having reconnected with John through social media the past few years, I have grown to love this story of redemption — from “state-sponsored identity theft” to finding his true birth identity from years of exhaustive DNA detective work. Through his wry sense of humor, John weaves a tale of sleuthing through closed records and closed mouths that eventually leads to his true identity. If you enjoy a well-written story, complete with a “how to” on searching one’s DNA trail, then this is a must read.”

From The Final Road Trip

Lori S. – “This author’s style of writing is not only entertaining, but keeps the reader interested right to the end on a subject that seems to have been mostly taboo in the past. I think this book should be kept in every hospital gift shop and/or hospice in the country. Dealing with death does not have to be a gloomy experience, and honoring family members at the end of life can still be done with respect and honor. I think more and more people these days are trying to have more “celebration of life” type services and whether you are trying to do just that, or actually plan a “family directed funeral” this is an excellent book to guide you on that journey. This book is not lengthy, and can be read in a few short hours.”

Tom M. – “Written from the heart. A family’s journey to honor their father’s/ grandfather’s wishes for a no fuss burial and without the use of a Funeral Director. A must for anyone considering a “do it yourself” funeral. Getting back to the way things used to be. Giving the gift of closure and time to experience the full circle of life, a family can fully grieve and move on. Powerful.”

From “Vipers In Pinstripes – Disruption and Corruption”

Amazon Customer – “Mr. Bates is an incredible author. His research into this true life story is amazing ! Kudos, John !”