The Process

Rascal Publishing utilizes a wide variety of cutting-edge software to bring creativity forward to the masses – here’s a partial list :

Adobe Creative Cloud – an entire suite of creativity at our fingertips, from Photoshop and Lightroom to Adobe Acrobat Professional and everything in between.

ON 1 Photo Raw – a new and exciting suite of imaging software “designed by photographers for photographers”. Similar to Adobe Lightroom, but includes ON 1 “Resize” for enlarging small images to meet publication guidelines.

MS Office 365 – another suite of creative tools that allow us to collaborate, share, and organize projects “in the cloud” across multiple devices and platforms.

Much of our work is currently “self published” using Amazon’s CreateSpace – the 800 pound gorilla in the realm of digital publishing. While they offer a whole suite of publishing tools, the process is still just that – a process. You must learn to navigate through all the steps involved in the publication process, which includes proof-reading and cover creation and key-wording, etc.

Amazon used to offers another service through their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) which converts your writings to an e-book – for a fee. Sadly, they have discontinued this service to authors, and conversion of a manuscript to a “mobi” file for uploading can be fraught with formatting challenges. It is best left to a pro, and there are plenty of other conversion services available at a nominal charge.


As if that wasn’t enough, Rascal Publishing has discovered some pretty cool marketing and research tools from KD Suite that offer some interesting insights into the confusing world of self-publishing.  Although their highly-touted (by them) Kindle publishing software is clunky and antiquated, these three items can be worth the price once you learn to use them. In today’s digital world, search terms and analytics rule the day, and we’ve got the tools to leverage our publishing efforts. Contact Rascal Publishing for more info on your project – we’re happy to assist !