Our First Audiobook !

AudioBook_CoverRascal Publishing is pleased to announce the launch of our very first audiobook through ACX (a subsidiary of Amazon). The audio version was superbly narrated by Mr. Thomas Stone, a seasoned, professional voice-over guy and fellow Texan. Inlaws and Outlaws – the DNA Mystery of a Music Icon’s Son (link) is now available on Audible, and will soon be released on iTunes and Amazon.

According to his bio (link), Thomas Stone has a medium to deeper voice which can be smooth and silky or rough and raspy depending on the type of read he is doing. Adjectives used to describe his voice have been soothing, firm, casual, cool, refined, warm, authoritative, confident, intense, suave, smoky and steely. If you’re looking for a polished & articulate voice-over with an obsession for perfection, then he’s your guy…. highly recommended.

Now, go get your next audiobook and subscribe to the Rascal Nation !

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